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APP Sample Controller

In case the provisioning of an instance takes a long time, for example when provisioning virtual machines on a virtual machine server, asynchronous provisioning is required. OSCM supports the integration of such applications with its asynchronous provisioning platform (APP).

In order to integrate an application that has to be provisioned asynchronously a so-called service controller has to be developed. OSCM communicates with the APP, the APP communicates with the service controller and the service controller communicates with the application onto which instances shall be provisioned. The following picture depicts the setup:

A sample service controller comes as a part of the Open Service Catalog Manager software. It can be used as an entry point on your way to create your own service controller. It is contained in the integration package (oscm-integration-app-pack) under "samples --> GettingStarted". Here you find the .ear file, the source files, and a brief documentation how to use it.