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FUJITSU Enterprise Service Catalog Manager

Enterprise Service Catalog Manager links business and IT. With Service Catalog Manager, you can easily integrate and deploy applications and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) for offering it in the cloud. These services can be provided in a private cloud or by external service providers. In any case your enterprise keeps the ownership of the portfolio. Business user can easily consume the offerings as they are used to consume Internet services. Click the icon to learn more about Service Catalog Manager.


Fujitsu Cloud Service PICCO is a cloud cost management solution provided as Software as a Service. PICCO correlates and forecasts necessary information for a professional "Plan - Do - Check" analysis based on examining dynamic demand and usage. With the focus to finally optimize business outcome and ROI of IT investments. Fujitsu Cloud Service PICCO plays a key role in enterprise cloud cost management by providing a software solution to visualize, analyze, manage and maintain the enterprise-wide cloud usage & costs for ongoing usage optimization, clarity and control.

FUJITSU Cloud Monitoring Manager

Fujitsu Cloud Monitoring Manager is an open source software based on Monasca, the OpenStack solution for monitoring and log management. This makes it the best solution for enterprise-grade OpenStack monitoring. It provides you with a single pane of glass to all monitoring and log data with a powerful dashboard for advanced graphical analysis of historic data. Fujitsu Cloud Monitoring Manager enables the seamless integration with OpenStack ensuring high availability and scalability. Additionally, it supports multi-tenancy allowing for separate monitoring of OpenStack and application resources.