Fujitsu@SUSECON in Prague

Fujitsu is present with its cloud management portfolio at SUSECON in Prague, September 25-29, 2017. SUSECON shows how SUSE’s open source approach supports SUSE customers and partners in transforming IT infrastructure, creating a more agile business, and making room for innovation. As SUSE key partner and SUSECON 2017 sponsor, Fujitsu will be involved in three presentations.

Become OSCM Contributor - Win a Trip to Munich

SUSE and Fujitsu together are running a contest for contributors of Open Service Catalog Manager.

Join the Open Service Catalog Manager community today and win a trip to Fujitsu Forum 2017 in Munich on November 7 and 8. Our prize includes a one-night stay in a hotel plus train tickets for two persons – and of course the opportunity to present your work at the biggest Fujitsu event in Europe!

Fujitsu@OpenStack Days Italy

Fujitsu is present at the OpenStack Days in Milan, September 28-29, 2017.

The event brings together IT executives, cloud operators, and technology providers. It is a platform for collaboration and discussion on cloud computing and OpenStack projects. It offers a great opportunity to engage with the OpenStack community, build your network, and get insight into real business cases, new products, and the latest development activities.

Fujitsu@OpenStack Days in Munich

Fujitsu is present at the German OpenStack Days in Munich, 26-28 June 2017.

Vom 26. bis 28. Juni finden die Deutschen OpenStack Tage in München statt. Fujitsu ist mit einem Fachvortrag dabei.

Fujitsu@OpenStack Summit

At the OpenStack summit in Boston, 8-11 May 2017, Fujitsu will be present with its cloud management products. Find us at our booth D2 at the marketplace.

DevOps @SUSE Expert Days

The last two weeks, we have shared our experience providing DevOps consulting services at the SUSE Expert Days events in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. SUSE Expert Days is a set of global events where SUSE and its partners talk about the challenges of digital transformation, and how developments such as software-defined architecture and DevOps can help your organization to overcome them.

Fujitsu@SUSE Partner Summit

Fujitsu's partnership with SUSE is going to the next round. To emphasize the partnership, Fujitsu will be joining the SUSE DACH Partner Summit in Munich, Germany, on February 1st.

Cloud Usage for Smart Savers

An Experience Report

We have always suspected it: The usage of cloud resources is convenient but not automatically cost-effective. This is true for Amazon Web Services or Google just as much as for your own private cloud. However, we were quite surprised of how much money can in fact be saved by taking a closer look at the costs. And all of that without any performance loss. The only thing you need is some help from an incorruptible analysis tool…

Agility and Quality - Mission Impossible?

Developing innovative software for the cloud, particularly in open source projects, requires a high degree of flexibility and agility as well as extremely short delivery cycles. At first glance, these contradict the requirements for superior product quality.

One Year of Open Source – What Next?

Almost exactly one year ago, Fujitsu launched its market-proven Cloud Management solution, Service Catalog Manager (CT-MG), as its first open source project under the new name of Open Service Catalog Manager (OSCM). At the LinuxCon 2016 in Berlin, Fujitsu will give a résumé and present its activities, experience, and further plans to establish the project within the open source community.

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