One Year of Open Source – What Next?

Almost exactly one year ago, Fujitsu launched its market-proven Cloud Management solution, Service Catalog Manager (CT-MG), as its first open source project under the new name of Open Service Catalog Manager (OSCM). At the LinuxCon 2016 in Berlin, Fujitsu will give a résumé and present its activities, experience, and further plans to establish the project within the open source community.

With the decision to provide one of its products as open source, Fujitsu entered a new territory in 2015. The activities of the past year and the plans for the next steps show how serious Fujitsu is about this decision.

What is going on? – The activities on the one hand concentrate on making the new project known in the open source community, on the other hand on proving the value-add for contributors with reference implementations.

Therefore, Fujitsu soon decided to actively contribute to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which is part of the Linux Foundation. The emphasis of the contributions is in standardization of the “Service Broker API”, and in testing OSCM against this interface. In this area, the engagement within the CNCF will be intensified in the future.

The first successful contribution to OSCM in this year was the integration of VMware vSphere, which is already productively used by customers. Future contributors as well as Fujitsu will benefit from the experiences gained, and there are already interesting candidates for further valuable contributions. Examples are solutions for concrete technical problems, which would result in a true value-add for the product. One of them is an interface for easily providing customized reports. Of course, contributors are professionally supported with any questions or problems.

Furthermore, Fujitsu is actively contributing to OpenStack-based open source solutions, for example, container technology (Kubernetes) and monitoring (Monasca).

All these activities show how serious Fujitsu is with its engagement in the open source world.

OSCM at the LinuxCon – Got curious? At this year’s LinuxCon in Berlin, October 4-6, you can find Open Service Catalog Manager and the team around it at the Fujitsu booth (booth no. B06) and learn more about the first year of OSCM in two sessions:

Keynote "Fujitsu’s Open Source Journey – From Consumer to Apprentice Contributor”, Dr. Wolfgang Ries, CMO Cloud Management at Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH.

Developer Session “Cloud Services Catalog – One Year of OSCM”, Uwe Specht, Senior Manager Partner Projects, and Michael Falkenhahn, Solution Architect for Cloud Management, at Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH.

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