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The last two weeks, we have shared our experience providing DevOps consulting services at the SUSE Expert Days events in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. SUSE Expert Days is a set of global events where SUSE and its partners talk about the challenges of digital transformation, and how developments such as software-defined architecture and DevOps can help your organization to overcome them.

In our talks, we briefly introduce the background and definition of DevOps, and quickly dive into two real world use cases where we have successfully applied DevOps to improve the performance of IT projects.

First, we explain the experience with one of our internal projects at Fujitsu, Cloud Service PICCO. As a cloud native application, Fujitsu designed PICCO from its inception to use DevOps principles. Bootstrapping the first full DevOps project in the company was not without hurdles, and we had learn, adapt and iterate several times to make the project succeed.

Second, we present a project where we helped one of our customers to transit to DevOps. The customer, a large company in the financial sector, used cloud, virtualization and automation to transform its operation units into a self-service application portal. However, the complexity of the project and the lack of experience and practice in the technologies was generating an increasing number of problems in the platform. We used our previous experience in KPIs, Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing to help them to increase the quality of code, introduce best practices and increase productivity.

What can we learn from these experiences? Extracting common patterns, we have defined the following steps to consult IT projects:
  • Assess maturity and identifying pain points.
  • Rank action items by priority.
  • Customers choose the next action item that they wish to address. We have organized our experience in DevOps by topics, and we map each topic to different stages of the project lifecycle. Customers can choose from these topics in packages of a certain number of days.
  • Work together with the customer to introduce new technologies and methods, create a prototype or generate documentation. During each package, we hold presentations, knowledge transfer and coaching sessions with the customer team.
  • Iterate.

As a takeaway, the key factor for success is to take small steps and focus on one topic after the other. Following these steps, DevOps can grow in the project as well as in the organizations.

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