Fujitsu@OpenStack Summit

At the OpenStack summit in Boston, 8-11 May 2017, Fujitsu will be present with its cloud management products. Find us at our booth D2 at the marketplace.

SUSE Unveils SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring

On the first day of the OpenStack Summit, SUSE announced the launch of its SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring, an open source software solution that makes it simple to monitor and manage the health and performance of enterprise OpenStack cloud environments and workloads. This solution is based on Monasca and was developed in a close collaboration of Fujitsu engineers with SUSE engineers and others in the OpenStack community.

Find more information on SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring

Talks Given by Fujitsu

The talks given by Fujitsu at the OpenStack Summit cover different aspects of the Monasca-based monitoring solution and other OpenStack-relevant topics.

A monitoring case study for Monasca: Smart City infrastructure

by Cristiano Bellucci (Fujitsu), Witek Bedyk (Fujitsu) and Giovanni Merlino (University of Messina)

Summary: Objects, that populate smart cities, are able to send real-time information. Users need to understand objects data in order to handle the city’s assets. This case study presents the city of Messina, Italy, where smart devices map environmental phenomena.
Watch the recorded talk.

Monitoring Hands-On Workshop

by Witek Bedyk (Fujitsu) and Roland Hochmuth (HPE)

Summary: In this lab you will learn how to configure and use the Monasca OpenStack Monitoring and Logging Service. Every attendee will install and configure the monitoring/logging agents on their own laptops and access a live Monasca environment.

Show me my packet log - Neutron packet logging with Monasca

by Witek Bedyk (Fujitsu), Yushiro FURUKAWA (Fujitsu) and Phuong An Nguyen (Fujitsu)

Summary: This presentation introduces the network traffic logging feature which is proposed to Neutron, and explain by demonstration how it works, especially gathering log data using Monasca.
Watch the recorded talk.

Monasca Team-Up: Fujitsu and SUSE Take on Cloud Monitoring

by Chris Parker (Fujitsu)

Summary: Just like a "team-up" from a superhero comic, Fujitsu and SUSE have united to bring an enterprise class Monasca product to the OpenStack community. Anyone who is using OpenStack to run their cloud needs a monitoring solution. Fujitsu has made significant contributions to the code for the OpenStack monitoring project Monasca.
Watch the recorded talk.

FWaaS v2 - A new beginning

by Sridar Kandaswamy (Cisco), Phuong An Nguyen (Fujitsu) and Chandan Dutta Chowdhury (Juniper Networks)

Summary: The Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) team has been busy over the last couple of cycles coming up with an alternate model to the existing API (from Havana) to make it more usable based on feedback from a number of quarters. The FWaaS v2 API enables users to apply collections of firewall rules as a policy on a neutron port (both Layer3 & VM). Further, we can selectively apply different policies for ingress and egress traffic. Details of the API, along with the detailed use cases and a demo will be presented. A roadmap of features for the Pike release and onwards and discussions for user feedback will also be covered.

Saving up to 98% time updating Firewall using Netlink (Including demo)

by Tu Ha Van (Fujitsu), Takao Indoh (Fujitsu) and Xuan Hoang Cao (Fujitsu)

Summary: Currently, FWaaS uses conntrack to control network connections. However, in a large scale system, which requires updating, adding or deleting up to thousands of firewall rules, it takes a long time to execute thousands of conntrack commands to delete conntrack entries. That puts the updating of a firewall into a significant threat. We would like to introduce a new method to solve the above problem.

OpenStack cluster Zero-downtime upgrade with Kolla

by Hieu LE (Fujitsu) and Duong Ha-Quang (Fujitsu)

Summary: Currently, zero-downtime upgrade is highly demand feature from OpenStack users. Current implementation status in OpenStack is variable between projects and almost projects have not fully implemented rolling upgrade. One among Kolla's deliverables is OpenStack container-based deployment tool, thus adding zero-downtime upgrade support in Kolla is reasonable. Our approach is to implement in Kolla natively without needing support from individual OpenStack service.

Scaling one of the World’s Largest Global Clouds

by Graham Land (Fujitsu)

Summary: Neutron doesn’t have the concept of availability zones, so it’s challenging to put network services under distinct AZs as a VM instance or VM volume, meaning an inability to architect highly available solutions. There has to be an answer. Join this presentation and discover how Fujitsu overcame this hurdle and more, whilst scaling our K5 OpenStack global cloud.

The OpenStack User Survey

Right before the OpenStack Summit, the OpenStack Foundation has published its ninth User Survey which represents a snapshot of more than 1,400 completed surveys and nearly 600 deployments logged in the first two months of 2017 — the largest sample of OpenStack deployments ever.

The survey represents OpenStack users’ attitudes, technology choices, and uses of OpenStack software. All OpenStack Foundation members, more than 70,000 people across 160 countries, were invited to fill out the survey.

According to the survey, the number of OpenStack implementations has increased by 44 % compared to 2016. Find the complete survey results here.

The OpenStack Foundation additionally offers a survey dashboard which provides filter categories for performing own analyses. The dashboard compares the results of the current survey with those of 2016.

The results of the survey will also be presented and discussed at the Key Insights from the User Survey event at the OpenStack Summit.

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