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Fujitsu@SUSECON in Prague

Fujitsu is present with its cloud management portfolio at SUSECON in Prague, September 25-29, 2017. SUSECON shows how SUSE’s open source approach supports SUSE customers and partners in transforming IT infrastructure, creating a more agile business, and making room for innovation. As SUSE key partner and SUSECON 2017 sponsor, Fujitsu will be involved in three presentations.

Don’t Guess: Deploy your Hybrid Cloud Workloads the Intelligent Way, with OSCM

Session summary: Making scalable Cloud workloads easily accessible to end users, and having them deployed flexibly between private and public cloud, is a key to mastering management complexity in the hybrid cloud. The OSCM project has been presented before at SUSECON events. In this year’s presentation, we will focus on new capabilities in the OSCM cloud management platform within 2017, including how to use external information for making the right deployment choice. In addition, we will present a live showcase of self-scalable multi-node application deployment on SUSE OpenStack Cloud with an alternative for public cloud deployment.

More information on OSCM.

At SUSECon in Prague, Fujitsu also announced that Enterprise Service Catalog Manager which is based on OSCM is fully integrated into the SUSE partner catalog to extend Hyperconverged Systems to the Cloud. See the offical press release.

Grandma’s Recipe for DevOps Adoption

Session summary: The DevOps revolution has been cooking up a storm in the field of Operations, burning the fingers of many early adopters. Through our work with customers and internal projects, we have become aware of the risks and dangers involved in these activities. Using this experience, we have developed a set of habits to mitigate these risks. In this talk, we will show you our 'Grandma's Certified Recipe for DevOps Adoption.’ aimed at maximising your chances of succeeding in your transition. We will also present you with our 'Grandma's Cooking Tips', straight and clear-cut advice to get started using best practices. DevOps made so simple, that even your nan can do it.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring via Monasca

Session summary: In contrast to other monitoring tools, Monasca has a scalable architecture, making it the tool of choice in cloud environments. With its comprehensive feature range, providing constant improvement and further development, Monasca is the optimal Monitoring-as-a-Service solution for you as a data center operator and cloud customer. The integration of the OpenStack Event Queue in Monasca offers additional monitoring possibilities for system operators and end users, and represents an important extension of cloud management. In this talk, you will see a live demo focused on the integration of the new ""OpenStack Event Queue Features"" in Monasca. This self-scaling, multi-node demo environment will provide insight into the possibilities to put this new functionality into practice in your own environment.

More information on SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring.

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