OSCM Contributor Contest Registration

Become an Open Source contributor and win a trip to Munich.

SUSE and Fujitsu together are running a contest for contributors of the open source project Open Service Catalog Manager

The business value of open source projects is still increasing. The Open Service Catalog Manager project enables business users to easily consume OpenStack-based IaaS, and allows for chargeback of service consumption. In our community, we are currently working on topics like Docker-based deployment with barclamp installer, migration from Glassfish to TomEE or OpenStack tenant provisioning (see Forum “Coming Next”). New contributors are very welcome.

At least 5 winners of the contest prize are drawn out of all valid contributions. The prize includes:

  • One overnight stay hotel in Munich for November 2018, for two persons (up to 250,- EUR)
  • One ticket for Deutsche Bahn up to EUR 250,- for your travel to Munich
  • Tickets for Fujitsu Forum including dinner and evening event
  • Opportunity to present your work at the biggest Fujitsu event in Europe!

Start your contribution and register for the contest today.

Contributing to an open source project is some work to do. However, being a member of the upstream allows having good influence on features and functions getting part of the mainstream of the project. Goal of the contest is to get your ideas how OSCM can fit to your needs. We are curious to know what you would miss using OSCM and how you would implement missing functionality. To be part of it, just follow this procedure:

  1. Download and try out OSCM
    • Browse the OSCM software (as installable package or as Docker image) and documentation on the OSCM page
    • Discuss technical questions in the OSCM forum (as registered user)
    • Find out what is missing to cover your needs
  2. File a Git-Hub issue as enhancement request
    • Describe your use case of OSCM (User account in GitHub required)
    • Describe the desired functionality
  3. Register to participate in the OSCM contributor contest (see below)
  4. Finalize your GitHub issue
    • Get and discuss feedback from the OSCM community about your request
    • Describe how you would implement the desired functionality in the context of OSCM
    • Get and discuss feedback from the OSCM community about your potential solution

The winners of the prize are drawn on 31st of October and informed on 4th of November. The official announcement is in the SUSE breakout session at Fujitsu Forum 2018.

The mandatory and optional criteria to win the prize are the following:

  • Mandatory
    • Feature idea and possible solution filed as issue at OSCM GitHub
    • User has registered for the OSCM contest
    • Discussion with OSCM community happened; reasonable approach as result until October 31, 2018
    • Name may be communicated in SUSE session at Fujitsu Forum 2018
  • Optional criteria
    • User is registered as OSCM contributor (signed OSCM agreement necessary)
    • Coding snippets to prototype solutions
    • The applicant wants to join the announcement session at Fujitsu Forum 2018

If more than 5 contributors participate in the contest, the prize is drawn out of all valid contributors.