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Getting Started

This tutorial gives you the chance to experience the functionality of Open Service Catalog Manager, which lets you easily publish your software or infrastructure service offerings on a marketplace. This is a tutorial with access to a real test environment where you can immediately perform the steps described.

In the tutorial, you play the roles of a service provider and a customer. As a service provider you create and publish service offerings. As a customer, you subscribe to and use the services provided by suppliers on a marketplace.

The application used in this tutorial, Web Calendar, is a simple calendar software. It has been integrated with Open Service Catalog Manager, and a technical service has been created. Based on this technical service, you can create marketable services to be offered on a marketplace.

How to Use this Tutorial

The navigation guides you through the tutorial step by step.

You can walk through the steps by clicking the Next or Previous navigation buttons at the bottom.

  • Steps 1 through 4 guide you through the main tasks of a customer.

  • Steps 5 through 8 guide you through the main tasks of a service provider.

If you start the test environment in the course of the tutorial by clicking an icon, another frame opens which lets you directly execute and test individual functions.

You can switch between the frames by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner of the frame.

Step 1 Search for services

As a customer, you can search a marketplace for service offerings which are of interest for you.

To access the demo marketplace, click the icon.

On the marketplace, you can view the service catalog with all the published services.

To search for the service offerings of Web Calendar, try the following:

  • Type Web Calendar in the search field and start the search, or

  • click, for example, calendar in the tag cloud.

If you want to see more information on a service, click Show Details.

Step 2 Subscribe to a service

After you have found a service you want to use on the marketplace, you can subscribe to it. In this step, you will subscribe to the Web Calendar Free Edition.

  1. Click Web Calendar Free Edition in the service catalog.

  2. Click Get it Now.

  3. You have to log in before you can subscribe to the service.
    In this demo, your user ID is "Paul.Adams" and your password is "secret".

  4. Enter a name for your subscription or leave the predefined name, and click Next.

  5. Select the license agreement, and click Confirm.

As the service is free of charge, you do not have to define any payment information.

At last, assign yourself as a user to the subscription:

  1. Click Assign Users.

  2. Select Paul Adams in the list of users and click Assign.

Now you have subscribed to the service and are ready to use it.

Step 3 Use a service

After you have subscribed to a service and have been assigned to the subscription, you can use the service.

  1. On the marketplace, click My Subscriptions in the top bar.

  2. Right-click Use service, and open the link in a new browser tab or window.

  3. Click Use service again on the marketplace opened in the new tab or window.

    Web Calendar is a simple calendar tool with limited functionality.

    First, you create a business appointment (e.g. Team meeting). Click Submit.

    Next, you create a private appointment (e.g. Dinner with Tom). Click Submit.

    The appointments are created in the calendar:

The actions you have performed are recorded as events which are sent to Open Service Catalog Manager.
Based on such events, a service provider can charge you for using the service. To check which events have occurred for your subscription, you can create a usage report.

Step 4 Create a usage report

As a customer, you can check the usage of services in usage reports.

In this step, you open a Billable event report. This report lists all events for the creation of appointments that have occurred in the application and are relevant for billing.

    To access the marketplace again, click the icon.

    If you are not logged in, log in as Paul Adams again.

  1. Click Account in the top bar.

  2. Click Reports on the left side.

  3. Select the Billable event report from the drop-down list.

You have reached the end of the customer demo. In the following steps, you can create your own service offerings as a service provider.

Before you proceed, log out from the marketplace.

Step 5 Create a marketable service

As a service provider, you use the administration portal of Open Service Catalog Manager for managing your service offerings.

If you are still logged in als Paul Adams, log out first. The user credentails of the service provider for this test environment are:

User name: Mark.Spencer

Password: secret

To access the administration portal, click the icon.

  1. On the Define a service page, select the technical service Web Calendar.

  2. Fill in at least the fields Service ID, Service name for customers, and Description.

  3. Upload a service image to be displayed with the service description on the marketplace.

    As a service image, you can use the following icon. You can save it as an image using the "Save Image as" option of the browser context menu, and upload it afterwards:

    Use the online help (? icon) to get more information on each field.

  4. Now set the values for the service parameters and options. The parameters and options themselves are defined at the technical service (Web Calendar).

    In our example, you are creating another service which is free of charge. Set the values of the parameters like this:

    Maximum number of concurrent users for a subscription5
    Maximum number of registered users for a subscription5
    Number of days after which a subscription will be deactivated10
    Support modelNo Support
    Number of appointments that can be created in a calendar.200
    Maximum number of users per calendar.10
  5. Save your changes.

Step 6 Create a price model

In a price model, you define the detailed prices for a service offering.

  1. From the menu, select Price model > Define for service.

  2. Select the service offering you just created.

  3. Fill out the Description field.

  4. Select the Free of charge option to create a free service offering.

    If you want to create service offerings with different price options, select one of the options for price models with costs.

    Use the online help (? icon) to get more information on each field.

  5. Save your settings.

Step 7 Publish a service

As a last step, you need to publish your service offering.

  1. From the menu, select Marketable service > Define publishing options.

  2. Select the service you want to publish.

  3. Select Public service, choose the MyCompany marketplace, and save your settings.

  4. From the menu, select Marketable service > Activate or deactivate services.

  5. Select the service offering you just created.

  6. Click Save.

Congratulations, you just created your first service for the marketplace!

To view the new online offer on the marketplace, click the icon.

Step 8 Experience more

If you want to create additional service offerings, or view and test your services on the marketplace, you can use the links below to switch between the customer and service provider role.

Customer (marketplace)

Service provider (administration portal)

Thank you!

We appreciate your time and interest in the guided tutorial for Open Service Catalog Manager.

Are you interested in learning more about our new offering or about new ways of how you, as a software supplier, can bring your on-premise application into the "Cloud"? Please contact us - our experts are looking forward to help you.