Open Service
Catalog Manager

Your Cloud Services Management Software
  • Enables end users to obtain and launch cloud resources and applications in a self-service mode
  • Enables CIOs to curate business-friendly catalogs of cloud services of any type (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, container services)
  • Enables service providers to quickly define new cloud services with flexible pricing plans to easily adapt to new market demands
  • Select your use case, from SaaS Marketplace to Enterprise (IaaS) Store for CIOs, service providers and end users.
  • Enables end users to obtain and launch cloud resources and applications in a self-service mode
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Open Service Catalog Manager is based on the Apache 2.0 license. By downloading Open Service Catalog Manager you agree with the license conditions.

Full Version of Open Service Catalog Manager

The Community version consists of a full version of Open Service Catalog Manager. Full functionality enables simple integration and deployment of applications or an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) as a cloud offering.

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Documentation and Support

Find documentation, information material, and additional learning material for Open Service Catalog Manager.

Contribute to Open Service Catalog Manager

Extend Open Service Catalog Manager

You get full access to the source code to add new solutions, controllers etc. to Open Service Catalog Manager. All contributions are welcome - Open Service Catalog Manager uses the Apache 2.0 license and does not require any contributor agreement to submit patches. To get access to the complete source code and APIs fork the Github repository.

  • Please download the complete source code, or fork the GitHub repository.
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Developer Documentation

Open Service Catalog Manager offers a comprehensive developer documentation. It describes the API as well as the source code structure.

Sample Collection

We have already collected a lot of samples and existing solutions which can be used for your own purposes.

Developer Forum

To share your questions, problems and experiences with others, we have built a moderated forum where you can easily post your contributions and get quick answers.

Report Incidents

If you encounter any problems while working with Open Service Catalog Manager, please use our open incident management system.